Jessica Williams
Open Windows, Open Doors


"A collection of photos, collages, and texts on coping with artist's block, among other life hurdles."

72 pages, b&w laser print
4.75 x 7.75", perfect bound
Published by Medium Rare
Edition of 100

In Reykjavik that summer, in June: Jaime, Elina, and I were staying in a flat that belonged to a friend of a friend in the western part of the city. I remember no street names but we were very close to the ocean—all that separated us were a few soccer fields. It was one of the first days we were there and though it was maybe ten in the evening the sun was full overhead as if it were noon. I don't know if we were fighting but Jaime wanted to go out on a walk alone. Hurt, I pressed him to let me go with him and he eventually acquiesced. We walked to the beach in silence, just taking everything in. When we reached the water all thoughts were immediately cleared from my mind. The water before me was a single hyper-flat huge plate of glass shimmering like nothing I had ever seen before. The waves were distinctly purple and blue and green and grey all at the same time, not muddy at all. The water was so clear yet it seemed bottomless. I remember feeling like it stretched out forever; that this must be infinity.