Jessica Williams


Looking into both the past and the future at the same time, ending up somewhere in between
An unbound and oversize publication of photographs that can be taken apart and used as posters

16 pages, full-color offset
10 x 14.75" (Korean tabloid), unbound
Published by Mediabus
Edition of 200

Synopsis courtesy of Printed Matter:

"Photographer Jessica Williams has collected lost and found photographs and a few writings in the dreamlike artist's book Glance. In her svelte unbound paperback book, one has the feeling of being on the trail of... something - we know not what - collecting clues as we page through. Perhaps it's a road trip along which we see various landscapes, a few friends. Perhaps it was compiled over the course of a few years. Williams' work is subtle but reveals a delicate mastery, with metaphysical blocks of light throughout. A tone of emotional serenity and curiosity informs this compelling book."